What Do You Mean By Cloud Computing?

cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing with Example?

Cloud computing lets people store and access applications over remote computers instead of through your own computer. Another iteration of cloud computing is when a person uses a computer or server that is provided by them by someone else. The server has to be reached over the internet by using a web-based tool for personal or business use. Legacy systems are now being moved to the cloud platform and the demand for computer architects is constantly increasing. Nowadays, there are lots of different examples of applications that use cloud storage. For instance, Google docs, Xdrive, MediaMax are all examples of cloud computing.

What Do You Mean by Cloud Computing?

The terminology for cloud computing can seem confusing. The word “cloud” can be used as a metaphor for “the internet”. Essentially, the term cloud computing means a kind of internet-based computing where various services are available through computers and smart devices. Cloud computing is on-demand, which means that it can be available at a moment’s notice. The cloud is software that makes the data center able to operate like the internet. Resources can be accessed and shared as virtual entities in a secure and measurable manner.

What are Different Types of Cloud Computing?

There are different types of cloud computing services, though they can be stacked into three categories: PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). If you would like to discover more, please review the following list of different cloud computing services.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform

How Does Cloud Computing Works?

Cloud computing is a very interesting process. Put simply, information and data are stored on physical or virtual servers in cloud computing. All of these services are maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider. An example of a cloud computing provider and service includes Amazon and its AWS product. It’s also important to recognize that cloud storage, which is related to cloud computing, involves safekeeping data on hardware in a remote physical location. This information can be accessed from any device through the internet. Customers can send files to a data served that is maintained by a cloud provider versus storing it on their own hard drives. This frees up personal memory storage on a computer, laptop, or smart device.

Who Owns the Cloud?

This is a very important question and one that must be broadcasted as transparently as possible. Public storage on the cloud is owned by a service provider. For example, a national computer company can have numerous data centers that house servers, networking equipment, and storage. This storage is usually rented out to multiple clients at a per-gigabyte cost. The original creator of cloud computing is believed to be Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. The events were recorded in the 1960s with his work on ARPANET. The idea was to connect people and data anywhere and at any time.

Is Cloud Computing a Security Risk

It’s important to note that many information technologies have the propensity to be security risks. Cloud computing has become very popular because it combines high speed and lots of efficiency on a dynamic scale. However, as previously alluded to, there are some potential threats. Cloud security threats encompass human error, malicious insiders, hijacking, data breaches, and DDoS attacks.

Where Cloud Computing is Used

In IT enterprises, uses of cloud computing include deployment on the live server, big data management, live testing, and the development environment. The cloud is also used for writing, for publications, for online usage, and so much more. As a matter of fact, security applications are now powered by cloud computing.

What Cloud Computing is All About

Cloud computing is invaluable. It helps launch programs, save data and so much more. But how does it work? Cloud computing relies on shared computing resources. This is considered more efficient than using local servers or personal devices to handle launching and accessing applications. Through using the cloud, applications, data storage, and other services can be accessed through the internet.

cloud computing

When Cloud Computing Started

As mentioned earlier, the idea of network-based computing started decades ago, in the 1960s. However, it took a lot of time, until August 9th, 2006 when Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term at an industry conference. It took several more years for the idea of the cloud to premiere and become as widely recognized as it has become today. What was once considered “an intergalactic computer network” has become essential for internet usage in the 21st century.

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Hosting Monitoring and Keeping Your Site Active

Checking website on phone and laptop

Monitoring your website

It is almost a “must” for businesses to have a website today, and while this may not be the most complicated part of business, it can confuse and overwhelming. There are many facets to a website, and if you don’t have a good design with the proper SEO, your website won’t rank. More important, though, is to have a reliable web host and a hosted monitoring service. Because if your website is down or not responding, you’re losing potential business.

There are several companies that offer hosting monitoring systems, but are they reliable? Website monitoring is important for a business website. It tests and verifies that end-users can access your website or web application, the functionality and uptime.

What is host monitoring?

When a vSphere HA cluster is created, automatically, a single host is elected to be the master host, which communicates with vCenter Server, monitoring all protected virtual machines.

Host Monitoring supports the vSphere HA master to respond to host or isolated management network and VM failures. Cluster hosts use HA agents to swap network heartbeats over management networks. The heartbeats monitor and respond to failures of the host, and thus, the need for a hosted monitoring service comes into the picture. 

What are server monitoring tools? 

If all is going well and your business is growing, so is your network, and it becomes more important for the network to run effectively. To accomplish this, it is essential to know the workings of the IT infrastructure and to be watchful over the devices within the IT infrastructure through a hosted monitoring service. 

Monitoring this IT infrastructure manually is possible, but as a business and its network grow, it becomes time-consuming, even impossible in most cases. There are web hosting monitoring tools available to assist with monitoring IT infrastructure. Here are six of those tools available: 

  • Cacti – the flagship solution amongst open-source network monitoring in the field of graphical representation of the network.
  • Nagios – written in C language, this is a powerful tool for network monitoring tool allows the ability to almost anything that may be needed by network and system administrators for monitoring. 
  • Zabbix – this is a full-scale tool for network and system monitoring combines numerous functions in a single web console.
  • Icinga – started as a branch of Nagios, this open-source network monitoring tool was rewritten as a stand-alone solution 
  • PRTG – an integrated solution that is fit for small and enterprise environments. 
  • NeDi – detects everything that it tracks and catalogs while constantly watching network infrastructure

Which tools can you use to monitor a website’s uptime? 

Are you looking for a way to watch the performance of the website, make sure you’re getting the percentage of uptime that your web hosting provider guaranteed you? 

There is a solution and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are website monitoring services that will show you the strong areas and weak points of your website. With that information, you can make changes as needed which will improve your conversion rates. Here is a partial list:

  • Uptime Robot – a free solution that makes this a good starting place. The developers promise it will remain free, only charging for upgrades to any premium features that are developed later. 
  • – a basic, free solution popular with webmasters that can help individuals and small businesses know when their website goes down.  
  • when your website can’t be accessed any time throughout the day, you’re losing sales and rankings. Since manual monitoring is not possible, Pingdom has tools that can help. 
  • – an all-in-one, cloud-based IT solution that checks your site every 5 minutes.
  • – a powerful tool that works 24×7 providing you monitoring service of your application, network, website, and server 
  • – pricey for an individual or small company, but for a larger company, this is a monitoring service with built-in gadgets the statistician in your loves.  
  • – multiple application possibilities using a large selection of testing instruments with straightforward multi-protocol monitoring server hosting to watch your personal site, file server or local network.  

Can I host my own website? 

You can, and it doesn’t take much for a small business. You’ll find it to be a source of entertainment and rewarding experience. With Linux machine and old Windows, add some HTML files in a folder and load them to the Internet. If you’re not sure you want to commit to a hosted monitoring service or haven’t found one that you’re comfortable with, then yes, you can do your own hosting. 

Man checking website to ensure it is active

What is the difference between a website and a domain? 

A domain comes after the “www” in your web address or the “@” in your company email address.  The URL is how your website is found and that is what your prospective customers see. When you buy a domain, you have bought your website name.

If the hosted monitoring service you use is attempting to several connections hourly, they are sometimes blocked. You will then get a hosting monitoring script that is advising you that your site is down. Technically, your site is running though) The purpose of this is to prevent flood attacks and DDOS. You can always ask your small business consultant for their advice and recommendations. Get your website started with hosting monitoring in Fort Worth, TX today when you call Arrowhead Technologies at 817-989-9722!

Where are SCADA Systems Used?

A Technician Monitors an Industrial System.

Where are SCADA systems used?

SCADA systems, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, are used in various industries, including oil and gas, electric utilities, and manufacturing to manage different processes and systems. The oil and gas industry, for instance, uses this system to monitor production at multiple sites to identify problems and generate reports to management. Electric utilities use the system to monitor current flow, the operation of circuit breakers, or to take sections on or off the power grid. 

Not only do these systems monitor processes in a central location, industries choose SCADA systems in Fort Worth, TX because they are easy to integrate into current technologies with little new hardware. These systems operate using cloud computing. If you are interested in integrating this system into your industry processes, reach out to the IT experts at  Arrowhead Technologies. Get started by calling 817-989-9722

What is meant by PLC and SCADA?

A programmable logic controller, or PLC, and SCADA systems are similar systems used by various industries like oil and gas to monitor processes and gather data. PLC systems are hardware systems while SCADA is primarily a software system. These systems are often used in conjunction with each other, the PLC running the machines and motors, while the SCADA monitors the processes, gathers and relays data to users. These systems help users make adjustments to the processes, such as producing work orders for maintenance or to shut down a process. 

Why is SCADA important?

SCADA systems are important to industries like oil and gas so they can carefully analyze and keep track of production, pumping, and storage locations. This analysis is done in real-time and allow the organization to anticipate the best response to particular situations, and execute responses automatically each time that response is required. The system can monitor multiple sites at one time, which is valuable especially at sites where there isn’t enough manpower to manage such processes manually. For instance, if a leak is detected at any one site, the system sets off a series of commands to alert the organization of the leak and close valves to minimize any problems. SCADA is fully automated to manage common routine tasks once performed by a human, and drastically lowers the risks of any errors. These systems can improve production and save in a variety of costs. With SCADA or a similar system, you’ll need multiple people to monitor each of your sites and take readings and relay information.

What is the function of SCADA?

SCADA systems have multiple functions and operations. Its three primary functions are data acquisition, monitoring process and controlling systems. These systems are fully automated and relay information in real time to organizations for multiple sites.

How do SCADA systems work

SCADA systems gather data from a group of sensors and monitors in a particular area, and that  information is then processed. As the information is processed, the system sends out a variety responses like alerts automatically so adjustments like maintenance can be made. The system continually processing and analyzing data, monitoring different industrial processes and keeping systems under control. 

Which software is used for SCADA?

When you install a SCADA system into your technology, the software you use will vary on the type of industry you’re in. Different manufacturers produce a variety of software for use with SCADA systems. Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, may use software from Mitsubishi or Siemens. Some common software used with SCADA includes WinCC Professional, Wonderware, and Automation Studio. Some of the top brands are listed below:

SCADA systems brands

  • Citect
  • GE Proficy iFIX
  • Cimplicity
  • Proface
  • Rockwell
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • Wonderware

You should base your software selection on the needs of your particular industry.

Are SCADA systems connected to the Internet

SCADA systems are sometimes connected to the Internet, but SCADA systems cyber security could be at risk. There are risks of cyber-criminals gaining access to important infrastructural information ranging from operations such as heating or transportation, as well as power generation. On the other hand, connecting to the Internet makes it easier for users to gather the data acquired and present it. Internet-based SCADA systems have also been shown to improve production and lower costs in maintenance. Internet-connected systems will allow you to streamline the sharing of data to multiple authorized devices. 

While cyber security is a major concern when it comes to SCADA systems connected to the Internet, if your building’s plumbing system has a breakdown, it can affect operations just as much. Broken pipes can seriously damage the building and may require emergency plumbing repair in Mesquite, TX, or elsewhere.

A Computer Monitoring Operations.

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If you want to improve production and efficiency, and you are interested in integrating SCADA systems in Fort Worth, TX, reach out to the IT professionals at Arrowhead Technologies. We provide a wide range of technology solutions to improve your business. Find out how we can help you or schedule services with us by calling 817-989-9722.

Why Is System Integration Important?

Businessman Holding Computer With Diagrams in a Virtual Circle

Learn More About System Integration

Your business or company comes with a lot of components and systems that require fine-tuning and reworking in order to go with the constant changes in input. In order to have a concise and productive team, it’s not unheard of to implement the practice of system integration to business systems and departments. Oftentimes the services of a professional will be taken in order to properly gauge what needs to be done for larger interdepartmental companies. Take some of this information into consideration to see if system integration can be right for you. If you have any questions as to what may need to be done for your business or company get in touch with a professional system integration service or company today for more streamlined systems.

What is concept of information system?

An information system consists of data that has been composed in order to solve problems and answer any questions in a software system. It will analyze and organize data and turn the raw data into useful information that will be used for decision making in a given organization or team,

System Integration Benefits

There are many benefits with system integration as ideally it will work to make processes easier for projects or other areas of a company for better production and output. You may be able to have better research avenue and practices, better time management and a more streamlined process on projects. Tasks can be divided by department, person or team depending on what is being done in a given business setting.

Who does system integration testing?

The responsibility for system integration will typically depend on the company and project that is being done. Ideally, there will be a collaboration in the roles of the developer and tester but this will largely depend on the project being done.

System Integration vs System Implementation

System integration can be thought of as fine-tuning, developing or designing a process while implementation refers to turning that concept into a reality and going ahead with it.  

How does system integration work?

System integration will differ in the span of size depending on the company or project that’s being done. The five components of an information system, computer hardware, software, telecommunications, databases & data warehouses, and human resources and procedures may not be available in all levels of a business tier. What can be noted is that in any level the sub-systems present will be attempted to be molded into one aggregation of systems that can work together cohesively for more streamlines success.

White Collar Workers in a Meeting

What are the 5 components of an information system?

The Five Components of an Information System

  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Databases & Data Warehouses
  • Human Resources & Procedures

System Integration in Business

System integration in a business setting or in an organization is typically done to the quality of operation as well as the productivity of output. Communication is often essential and the main goal typically involves speeding up the flow of information and reducing the costs of operation in an organization. 

What is a system integration company?

A system integration company specializes in bringing component subsystems together and making sure that they work together properly. This practice of system integration will, in turn, solve problems of automation and those other areas that need correction in a business setting.

What are system integration services?

System integration services are often available to businesses and companies who need an objective outside perspective on the processes that can be corrected within their work setting. Ultimately a system integration service will work to combine various IT (information technology) systems such as hardware, software, and other areas into a cohesive and well functioning unit. 

Contact A Professional System Integration Service or Company For Assistance

When you’re wanting more in-depth assistance with system integration for your company or business reach out to your local system integration service or company for assistance. You may be able to find the solutions you’re looking for with CPA services in Fort Worth, TX or even such places that provide managed IT services. System integration may differ from company to company and a fresh perspective from experts can greatly alter operations and assist in heightening the productivity of systems. Have your teams more productive with streamlined productivity and processes. With a professional system integration service, you’ll be able to have your operations observed and analyzed for different systems to be implemented. With open communication and different trials you’ll be able to fine-tune the process that is right for your project or team. For any additional questions be sure to get in touch with a professional. They’ll be able to best confer with you and keep you updated on any processes necessary for success.

If you require assistance with system integration in Fort Worth, TX call 817-989-9722 with Arrowhead Technologies! 

What Does Network Service Do?

Computer Interface Concept Diagram

Learn More About Network Services

When you’re looking for a way to expand your business model and strategies consider network services to get you to your goals! In this day and age the business world has branched out with improved strategies and protocols that can remedy any struggles with current channels and initiations. Get into the right mindset and consider a consultant that will be able to assist you with the different stages of your network services. Just like radiant barrier services assist with the energy of your home, a consultant will give you the boost that’s necessary to jump back into the game. Consider the following information below to learn more about network services. 

What are professional network services?

A professional network service involves a social network of interactions and relationships that are business-related in nature instead of personal. 

Network Services vs Local System

A local service system is a predefined local account that is used by a service control manager. It’ll have minimum privileges on a local computer and will give anonymous credentials on a network. A network service account will feature a predefined local account that will be used by the service control manager with minimum privileges on a local computer. It will display the computer’s credentials to remote servers. Network services will show everyone or authenticated user group SIDs.

Modern Technology Digital Business Connections

What are the types of network services?

There are 11 types of network services that are being used with businesses today, take a look below.

What Are the Types of Network Services

  • Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) 
  • Campus Area Network (CAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) 
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Storage-Area Network (SAN) 
  • System-Area Network (also known as SAN)
  • Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN)
  • Enterprise Private Network (EPN)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is a network protocol?

A network protocol is the formal policies and standards in a network that encompasses procedures, formats, and rules that make up the communications between two or more devices. These protocols will look over the end-to-end process of managed, timely and secure data or network communication.  

What is network distribution?

A network distribution in a supply chain involves a group of storage facilities that are interconnected with transportation systems which receive inventories of goods before delivering them to customers. The goal is to get products from the manufacturer to the customer through a retail network or directly.

How do you create a distribution network?

A distribution network is essential in a marketing strategy as this is how you will have your market be accessible. There are many channels that can be taken in a distribution network from direct paths such as a sales team, the internet, or retail location to indirect methods from distributors, consultants, wholesalers and resellers. Adding new channels may be essential in order to launch a product and get revenue to increase. It can improve brand visibility and experience with end-users. Before creating anything it’s essential to first analyze your business goals and existing channels to see if a new one could help or an existing one would be more effective. The next step would be to define what the channel will look like. Following that it’s important to find channel partners in order to create a channel plan. A channel pricing strategy will be helpful for maintaining a budget and a plan to drive revenue through the channel should be made. As the channel is active, it’s important to manage channel partners as well as improve channel performance.

Is my network working?

If you’re curious as to whether your network services are working it may be a good idea to rely on a company that specializes in network services and support. Only with a professional will you be able to get the right kind of guidance necessary for your business model and structure. There are many tiers and steps to consider for network services and as is often the case they need to be monitored for optimal results. When you’re in doubt as to what strategies should be taken into consideration next look for your local network consulting in Fort Worth, TX. Network services company are there for your convenience so you may be able to enjoy the various types of different strategies that may work the best for your business model. As with any type of service, be ready with questions so you can be pointed in the right direction. Collaboration in the business field is key, especially when you are reaching out to a professional to guide you along your unique path and goals! Jumpstart back into your business mindset with a fresh new perspective and you’ll see your numbers flourish! 

If you’re interested in a network services in Fort Worth, TX call 817-989-9722 with Arrowhead Technologies! 

Do I Need Office 365?

Arrowhead Technologies Assists Businesses With Microsoft Office 365.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office Home and Business?

If you want to get Microsoft Office, you will want to know which version is best for you, Home or Business. Your selection will depend on what you’re using the program for and what applications you want. There are two Home versions, Home and Student and Home and Business. Home and Business adds Outlook and is an ideal system for small business owners. Both versions include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Home version has OneNote for note taking, while the Business version has Outlook and Access.

Microsoft Office 365 personal vs business

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription version of Microsoft Office. Here are some of the major differences between Microsoft Office 365, personal and business versions.

  • Personal: Only available for one computer but features Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as OneNote, a note taking application specifically designed for students, Outlook and Access.
  • Home: Available for use with up to five computers. Has all applications as Personal and good for family use.
  • Business Essentials: This is a web-based version with Outlook and 1 TB of OneDrive.
  • Business: A desktop version of 365 has basic applications but no Outlook and available on multiple devices.
  • Business Premium: Desktop version with Outlook and available for multiple devices. Also features Skype for Business.

If you need help choosing programs or setting up your office with Microsoft Office 365 in Fort Worth, TX, give our team a call at  817-989-9722.

How do I get Office 365 for free?

While Office 365 is a subscription service, in some cases you can get the program for free. Microsoft offers qualifying students and teachers Office 365 Education for free. You just have to go to the Microsoft website and check to see if you are eligible. You can also try trial versions of Office 365 by downloading them from the website. The trial is usually for 1 month. Access to certain features is limited in some cases. You can also get Office apps for free for your mobile device or tablet. If you are buying a new PC, some come bundled with a year-long free subscription. Office Online is also a free version you can get by signing up for a Microsoft account.

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service that allows you access to Office applications, and includes such apps as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Depending on the version, you can share the subscription with up to 6 people. You get upgrades and tech support for free. The latest version of Office, Office 2019 is sold as a one-time purchase. You get all Office features and applications for one computer. Upgrades, though have to be purchased.

How much is the annual subscription for Office 365?

The annual subscription fees vary for each version. Office 365 Home is $99.99 per year, Office 365 Personal is $69.99 per year.

Can I buy Office 365 outright?

Office 365 is only sold as a subscription service. You can buy Office 2019 outright as a one-time purchase. If you buy Office 2019, you can only install it on one computer and with the Home and Student version you don’t have access to programs such as Access and Publisher or Skype. Microsoft support is included for 60 days.

Microsoft Office 365 business pricing

Access for the Microsoft Office 365 Business versions are sold on a monthly subscription basis. Office 365 Business is $8.25 per month per user, while Office 365 Business Premium is $12.50 per month per user and Office 365 Business Essentials is $5 per month per user. Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials offers applications like email and calendaring, as well as instant messaging and video conferencing. It also has team sites, 1TB of free OneDrive for Business cloud storage and Yammer enterprise social network support. The basic Office apps like Word and Excel are not available for download.

Arrowhead Technologies Helps Offices Collaborate Better With Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 business reviews

Microsoft Office 365 programs generally get high-rated reviews. PC Magazine, for instance gives Microsoft Office 365 Premium a 4 ½ stars out of 5 rating. The magazine notes the program is highly compatible for business operations and the collaboration tools are effective. The price is also competitive. The program’s main drawback is overly aggressive spam filtering.  Almost all other review sites give the program a 4 ½ star rating, saying it is particularly good for a small or medium-sized business.

Microsoft Office 365 is an efficient system. Efficiency is a key element to most operations, even your home. You want your home to be energy efficient to save money. To find out how energy efficient your home is you may want to try energy efficiency performance testing

At Arrowhead Technologies, we understand how important it is to streamline your business operations and if you are looking to streamline your office with Microsoft Office 365 in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding cities, we can help you get started with this reliable system. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 817-989-9722.

8 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Company Safe from Cyber Attacks

Companies all over the world are at risk from cyber attacks. One form of cyber attack is the ransomware attack. There was a 36% increase in this kind of attack in 2017. Some companies believe they are not at risk because they’re smaller, but a full 42% of all cyber attacks are on small businesses. Keep reading to learn how you can keep your business safe.

  1. Back everything up. One thing a lot of ransomware attackers tell their victims is that they have taken control of the victim’s data and that the only way to get it back in one piece is to pay them what they want. Whether this happens or you have some kind of issue with your hardware or software, backing all of your data up is the best way to keep it all safe, say IT support and services experts. There are a number of options for backing up data so you can find one that works best for you.
  2. Make sure your devices and computers are secure. Viruses and malware are always trying to break into your computer network and onto your devices. Everything from your devices to your laptops and desktop computers can be at risk. One great way to keep them all safe and secure is to put in software that prevents them from getting a foothold anywhere on your network. All it takes is one infection on any device or computer to take your entire network down.
  3. Use firewalls to keep internal networks safe. Again, IT support people like to remind people that firewalls need to be installed on every computer and device. It is also important to keep everything updated as new threats emerge every day.
  4. Keep an eye on your equipment. You should know who is using and logging into any of your computer equipment. You also should only let your IT support staff install or remove any software packages used by your company systems. It also makes a lot of sense to tell all of your employees to keep track of any devices or hardware they have been assigned. If your workers want to use USB sticks and the like, make sure they are provided by your IT support staff.
  5. Limit access to your sensitive data. Not everyone at your company needs access to all of your files and data. Give people different levels of access that is determined by what they do and what information they need to do their jobs. This also means everything you send and receive should be encrypted. Encrypted data is protected by a system that makes it impossible to read and access without a digital key.
  6. Make sure everyone uses good passwords. One of the top ways intruders access secure networks is through weak passwords. People all over the world use “password” or “12345” as the password to access their device, computer, or email. Another common issue is using the same password for everything, There are applications that can be used to help workers create and use passwords that actually protect systems.
  7. Make sure all of your administrative passwords are also good and strong. Make sure you have the passwords on your network and for administrator access to your system are changed from the default passwords that came on the systems. IT services professionals say not changing these passwords is a lot like locking the front door while keeping the back one wide open.
  8. Put spam filters on your email accounts. After using weak passwords, people clicking on emails from unknown and untrusted sources cause most of the problems from attacks on networks. Many of these messages fall into the category of spam. Strong spam filters can prevent these nefarious emails from getting through.

Cyber attacks, malware, and viruses can cause a company to have to close down while the problem is rectified. IT support professionals recommend these tips to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Preventing IT Downtime: Beware of These 4 Causes

Within the professional sector, IT service issues can range from minor annoyances to significant problems that cost organizations millions of dollars. The amount of productivity lost as a result of downtime can be so significant, entire organizations can fail. Approximately 54% of companies report that they have expired IT downtime from a single event lasting more than eight hours.

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. But because there are so many differences in how companies operate, downtime can cost an organization an average of $140,000 to $540,000 per hour. Additionally, 98% of companies say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000, 81% said that an hour of downtime cost their company $300,000, and 33% of organizations surveyed reported that 60 minutes of downtime cost their business between $1 and $5 million.

In order to prevent serious downtime issues, it’s recommended to work with network consulting professionals who can perform fast and efficient IT services. These network consulting professionals are experienced in everything from connection issues to security breaches.

Here are some of the main causes of downtime in the professional world:

  • Human Error — Unfortunately, even the most efficient organization in the world is subject to human error issues. Human error is the number one cause of IT downtime and represents 45% of all downtime problems.
  • Network Outages — Almost half of all downtime issues can be attributed to network outages and server failures. Because these issues are so commonplace within the IT sector, it’s imperative that organizations operate on secure and strong networks.
  • Storage Failures — Storage failures account for approximately 42% of downtime, but with larger volume data sites, those percentages increase to about 45%. Digital storage is now more important than ever and organizations need to invest in quality programs in order to minimize issues.
  • Forgetting usernames and passwords — Believe it or not, simply forgetting login information is a serious issue when it comes to downtime. In fact, 7% of all downtime can be attributed to these kinds of simple issues.

If you want to learn more about the importance of network consulting and IT support and services, give Arrowhead Technologies a call right away.

4 Advantages of Professional IT Network Consulting

Running a business in 2019 involves remaining extremely active online. Unfortunately, unless you are fully trained on all the various technical aspects involved with running a business, it can be difficult to succeed. That’s where network consulting services can help.

Here are some of the main benefits of working with network consulting and IT services:

  • Improved cyber security — Though technology has lead to so many revolutionary advancements across the international business sector, it has unfortunately lead to some serious criminal threats, as well. Approximately 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses; which is why it’s imperative for small business owners to work with skilled IT professionals.
  • Focus more on essential business functions — No matter what industry you’re in, there are always going to be necessary tasks that fall by the wayside if you have to handle your own IT support and services. By outsourcing these technical tasks with a team of IT network consultants, you will have much more time to spend on other essential job-related tasks to increase revenue and grow your business.
  • Prevent in-house technical mistakes — An individual employee’s worst nightmare is opening up an email attachment that destroys the entire network. Though it doesn’t happen often, it can certainly happen at any point and to any business. Hiring efficient IT support professionals can help ensure that these minor and major technical mistakes are avoided at all costs.
  • Make better business decisions — Every one of your business decisions should be based on detailed market research. IT professionals can drastically improve your ability to perform such market research through video conferences, social media trends, digital surveys, and so much more. Additionally, IT consultants can show you and your employees how to utilize various tools like Google Analytics and Microsoft CRM Dynamics in order to enable your company to quickly and accurately track progress, developments, and make technologically-informed business decisions.

If you want to learn more about how network consulting can help protect your company and ensure success, give Arrowhead Technologies a call right today.

3 Cyber Security Trends to Monitor Throughout 2019

There was a time when businesses around the world only had to lock their doors and put up a fence to keep intruders out. Now, since technology has significantly advanced over the last few decades, companies have to get a lot more creative when it comes to protecting their organization, finances, and personal information.

Here is what we can expect to see throughout 2019 and beyond when it comes to global cyber security:

  • Expect more data breaches, exposures, and leaks — Throughout 2018, there was an increase in data leaks and exposures. Criminal hackers were able to easily gather information and data that’s not protected with security measures… not even passwords. Even though many businesses will look to IT support and IT services for cyber protection, it’s important that they remain diligent on their own end; setting passwords and being extremely careful when opening attachments and surfing the Internet.

    According to The Sun, the Middle East and Africa will likely see the first attacks in the theft and use of biometric data of 2019.

    “As more biometric systems for user identification and authentication are being implemented by various financial institutions in META (Middle East, Turkey, and Africa), 2019 will see criminals exposing vulnerabilities in passcodes, touch ID sensors and facial recognition,” said Fabio Assolini, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. “While many financial organizations consider these emerging biometric-based solutions to improve security over current authentication methods, biometric data will increasingly be used to steal sensitive information.”

  • U.K.’s tech growth could suffer — As a result of Brexit, the U.K.’s departure from the European Union, there won’t be any trade or immigration deals in place, which will immediately hurt tech startup companies and the industry as a whole. This will make it more difficult for businesses to implement top-of-the-line technology in order to keep their digital information safe. Organizations will need to be aware at all times of digital activity and consult with IT support professionals to address any potential threats.
  • Artificial intelligence cyber threats — Machine learning will likely change the way industries deal with digital threats, but it will also make certain attacks more difficult to detect.

    “I believe we will see an increase in attackers utilizing AI and machine learning as a means to make their attacks more difficult to detect or prevent,” added Manuel Corregedor, COO at Telspace Systems.

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