Small Business Security: 4 Great Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Approximately 43% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. If you’re a small business owner, you need to constantly focus on protecting your company from cyber attacks. Even the smallest cyber attack can ruin your business and cause all sorts of financial and legal troubles.

Here are some great ways to ensure that your small business is protected from invasive cyber threats:

  • Consult with professional IT services — When it comes to preventing cybersecurity threats, managed IT support services are essential. These network consulting professionals will not only help monitor all the digital aspects of your business but can prevent attacks altogether.
  • Use strong passwords — You need to use high-quality strong passwords across your entire network. Using weak passwords is a major risk to your business because hackers can easily access all your financial accounts and valuable information. Make sure each one of your employees are using strong passwords as well. It’s recommended to use lower and upper case letters as well as special characters to prevent password break-ins. Additionally, there are password generators out there that are terrific for keeping hackers out of your information.
  • Use a computer firewall — Managed IT support services are key, but a strong firewall can act as a guard for each one of your computers and your entire network. Firewalls are meant to secure your computers and monitors web traffic, alerting you to any sketchy activity.
  • Backup all your data — It’s imperative to backup all your files and every piece of data in order to avoid issues down the line. Additionally, you’re going to need more than a single backup to ensure that everything is protected. Since malware can easily disable all your digital aspects of business as well as erase all important information, it’s great to have a reinforcement of everything.

Don’t let a single cyber attack jeopardize your company’s success at all. If you’re in need for high-quality managed IT support services and are hoping to prevent future cyber attacks, give Arrowhead Technologies a call today.